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High Flow Filter Air Leakage Situation Solution

The principle of sodium flame is to spray the sodium chloride aqueous solution and dry to form a sodium chloride aerosol with a mass median diameter of about 0.4μm as the test dust. In the measured high and effective filter before and after the dust air sampling, and lead to the sodium flame photometer, measured with the dust concentration related to the photocurrent value, thus calculating the filter transmittance.High Flow Filter

Test principle: test dust source for the monodisperse phase of sodium chloride salt spray, "quantity" for the salt spray when the hydrogen flame brightness, the main instrument for the flame photometer. The brine splashes under the stirring of the compressed air, which is dried to form a small salt spray and into the duct. In the filter before and after sampling, salt mist so that the color of hydrogen flame blue, brightness increased. The flame concentration of the air is judged by the flame brightness, and the filter efficiency of the filter is determined. The average diameter of salt spray particles specified in the national standard is 0.4μm, but the existing measured results are 0.5μm.High Flow Filter Europe for the actual test salt spray particles in the diameter of the measurement results of 0.65μm. With the popularity of other detection methods, Europe has no longer use sodium flame method. The relevant domestic departments are revising the original national standards, is to abolish or continue to use sodium flame method, the views have not yet wait until the implementation.High Flow Filter Conventional static pressure box: the choice of 1.0 micron galvanized sheet, the raw material is too thin, and therefore high efficiency filter convergence is not easy to force, very simple deformation; static pressure box pressure side of the box after folding and static pressure box connection, simple Generating a leak. The new type of static pressure box: the raw material is 1.5 micron hot galvanized sheet, because the raw material than the conventional static pressure box thickness, and therefore high efficiency filter convergence force will not be modified; equipment forming a welding point, sealing performance; Force uniformity, convergence sealing performance is better.High Flow Filter