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Introduction To The Knowledge Of Carbon Filter

     The activated carbon filter pressure vessel is a kind of pressure vessel filled with coarse quartz sand cushion and high quality activated carbon. On the surface of activated carbon particles to form a layer of equilibrium surface concentration, and then the organic material impurities adsorbed into the activated carbon particles, the use of early adsorption effect is very high. Carbon Filter

    But for a long time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will weaken in varying degrees, and the effect of adsorption decreases. If the water in the aquarium is turbid and the organic content is high, the activated carbon will soon lose its filtration function. Therefore, the activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.Carbon Filter

    Chemical filter to clean the air of chemical gas pollutants to meet the microelectronics, nuclear industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental protection, laboratory animals, light industry and other industries demand. Industrial development and urban expansion, the concentration of harmful gases in the atmosphere increased, technological progress and life improved, people's demand for pure air increased. The need for chemical filters is growing. Most of the current chemical filters are activated carbon filters.Carbon Filter

    The surface of activated carbon has a large number of pores, most of which are less than 500A (1a=10-10m). The total inner surface area of the micro-pore of the unit material is called "Specific surface area", and the specific surface area can be up to 700~2300m2/g. When it comes to adsorption, the harmful gases in the air are called "adsorbent" and the Activated carbon is "adsorbent". Because of the gravitational attraction between molecules, the adsorbed mass sticks to the inner surface of the pores. If accompanied by chemical reaction, called chemical adsorption, otherwise physical adsorption.Carbon Filter

    The activated carbon material is divided into granular carbon and fiber carbon. The traditional granular activated carbon has the coal carbon, the lignin carbon, the coconut shell carbon, the bone charcoal. Sometimes, granular carbon is made into powder, glued to other porous materials, and then processed and molded. The fiber is made of carbon-containing organic fiber.

Carbon Filter

    It has small aperture (<50a), large adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and rapid regeneration. Common fiber base material has phenolic, plant fiber, polyacrylonitrile, asphalt. Adsorption capacity of activated carbon, adsorption capacity on a certain gas, the unit activated carbon can be adsorbed the largest amount of "adsorption capacities." Different materials, or adsorption of different gases, adsorption capacity is different.

Carbon Filter